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Want to travel the world and have heaps of fun? Before you go, you’ll need to get your travel insurance in place so you’re fully covered in the event you run into unexpected expenses during your trip. A pioneer provider of travel insurance for people under 30, Under30s Travel Insurance offers a comprehensive plan that’s sure to satisfy all needs and budgets. With our cheap travel insurance, you can travel more for less — and enjoy every moment of it!


Under 30's covers a range of things that could go wrong when you travel. From medical emergencies to cover for your mobile phone and more. See our Table Of Benefits to explore all the cover provided.

Table Of Benefits

It's always important to review the full policy wording in our Product Disclosure Statement for more details including full terms and conditions, limits and exclusions that may apply.


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  • I want to make sure I have cover for my iPhone, Computer or any electrical gadget. How do I do this?
  • You can purchase extra cover for electronic items by paying an additional premium. Cover is only available if you purchase this additional option at the time when the policy is issued. You can have: $2,500 in total for personal computer and their accessories $1200 in total for camera and video camera, $1000 in total for mobile phones, GPS, electronic book readers, and portable audio and gaming equipment. Please note: Receipts and/or valuation must be provided in the event of a claim.

  • If I'm travelling on a cruise liner on a domestic cruise do I choose a domestic policy?
  • No, you need to select a Pacific policy as you will enter into international waters.

  • Can I extend my policy?
  • You can extend your policy by contacting us within a minimum of 48 hours before your policy lapses and pay the additional cost of extending your cover.

  • Why is Under30s Travel Insurance so much cheaper than other insurance companies?
  • Under30s is dedicated to offering unforgettable experiences at great prices. The reason why our quote will always be cheaper than other companies is because we offer a service that bypasses the middleman, enabling holidaymakers to get straight to us when in need of travel insurance. Most other companies add hefty commissions to their sales, which can often go up to 50%. 

  • Why should I invest in travel insurance?
  • Travel insurance is your best friend when it comes to taking a trip overseas. Things like medical services can cost thousands in other countries, not to mention that you’ve got no friend to turn to since you’re far away from home. Plus, you may run into other incidents, like stolen luggage, delayed flights, and cancellation fees, which usually bring along additional expenses. Even if you’re careful to secure your luggage with a lock, or avoid anything that may get you to pay extra, the truth is you can’t know what could go wrong during your trip, and as such you can’t properly prepare for it.
    By packing Under30s Travel Insurance, you can rest assured knowing we’ll always be there for you should you need any assistance. Our insurance plan covers everything from medical expenses to accidental death, lost/stolen luggage, delayed flights, personal liability, and more, so you can focus less on travel mishaps and more on having fun!

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