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With Under 30's Travel Insurance there is no cover under Section 12 - Luggage & Personal Effects for any Electronic Items.

“Electronic Items” means any personal computers and their accessories, cameras, video cameras, mobile phones (including PDAs and any items with phone capabilities), GPS, electronic book readers, and portable audio and gaming equipment.
You can purchase cover for Electronic Items by paying an additional premium. Cover is only available if you purchase this additional option at the time your policy is issued. The following limits apply:

  • $2,500 in total for personal computers and their accessories
  • $1,200 in total for cameras and video cameras
  • $1,000 in total for mobile phones (including PDAs and any items with phone capabilities), GPS, electronic book readers, and portable audio and gaming equipment

Receipts and/or valuations must be provided in the event of a claim.

How to Keep Your Gadgets Safe When You Travel Overseas?

In addition to securing power and Internet connectivity for your devices, one of the most important things you need to do when you’re travelling with your electronic devices is keeping them safe. Accidents, evildoers, and forces of nature are some of the factors that conspire to take away the electronics you love dearly, so it’s important to invest in the right protective gear and take a few essential safety measures to ensure they’ll be just fine during your vacation.

Outlined below are our best tips on protecting your electronics from any incidents when you travel overseas.

1. Buy Bags and Cases

Manufacturers make padded bags and cases for one reason: to keep your gadgets safe from falls, scratches, spills, and of course — thieves. If you’re going to travel with your laptop, eReader, iPad, Kindle or any other such device, you’ll need to buy individual cases for each device. Consider products with padded interiors as they usually minimise shock of impact in the event you drop your gadget on the floor. Opt for cases made from waterproof materials to ensure your device won’t suffer water damage if you spill your drink on it, or if the weather is rainy.

Stay away from the traditional messenger-style bags since they’re like a magnet for thieves, especially when stuffed and left unattended on a chair at the airport.

2. Invest in Locks

Sure, notebook locks are typically not that difficult to open — but while they’re not foolproof, there’s another reason that makes them a must-have for travellers: they deter thieves from stealing. Although locks are not impassable barriers, they give thieves the slightest excuse not to steal your gadget since it may be more of a hassle to open once stolen, and will likely draw too much attention if you’re in a place such as a cafe — and no thief wants any of these.

So before you decide a notebook lock won’t protect your electronics from potential thieves, think again — it may the best solution to keeping them away from your stuff during the holiday.

3. Install Tracking Software on Your Laptop, Tablet, and Phone

What do you do if you accidentally lose your phone, laptop, or tablet, or if someone steals any of them from you? Finding them may be quite impossible without a tracking app/software already installed on the device — which is why you should take the time to get one before you embark on your journey. These software allow you to effectively track and trace the location of your device, helping you find it if you’ve lost it or if it’s been stolen from you. Some programs can be embedded into your laptop’s BIOS, which makes them absolutely impossible to delete, even for the most skilled thief.

Yes, they all incur monthly fees, but they’re more than worth it for your peace of mind.

4. Get Travel Insurance

Padded cases, locks, and location-tracking software can all be useless if someone decides to steal your gadget anyway. The cost incurred by theft can be quite significantly, especially if you have a high-end device such as a Macbook, a DSLR camera, or an iPad (which are very expensive to replace). And since accidents happen and thieves take advantage of every opportunity, you’ll want to get a solid travel insurance plan in place so you’ll be covered in case anything happens.

Under30 Travel Insurance offers a comprehensive insurance plan that covers the physical loss of, or damage to, your electronics. Next time you decide to journey the world, don’t leave without Under30’s convenient insurance plan — it’s definitely going to make your vacation a lot more enjoyable!


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