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Going abroad is a new and exciting experience, but unfortunately you can never know what could go wrong during your trip. Things like lost deposits, stolen belongings, hefty medical bills, and delayed flights are just some of the incidents travellers may experience, and unless you’ve planned your trip months ahead, there’s not much you can do about them. Having a good travel insurance plan in place is probably the best way to protect yourself from these incidents, and avoid other expenses on top of your already costly vacation.

We’ve compiled a list of things you need to consider when travelling overseas, from pickpockets to car rental, medical bills, cancelled flights, and more!

why is oversea travel insurance important?

Pickpockets, Thieves and Scam Artists

You’ll meet them everywhere you go, whether it’s Italy, Spain, the States, or Asia. Of course, some countries naturally have higher criminality rates as compared to others — e.g. pickpocketing is very common in developing countries like India, while theft and robberies happen frequently in Spain. If you’re going to carry valuables with you (large amounts of cash, expensive jewellery, high-tech gadgets, etc.), choose a travel insurance plan that covers loss or theft. It’s true that you’ll probably end up paying more, but it won’t be even close to the cost of replacing one of more of your valuables.

Lost Deposits and Delayed/Cancelled Flights

Bad weather is the primary reason why flights are delayed and activities cancelled. Even if you check the weather forecast before embarking on the trip, there’s no way you can know if any changes will occur, or if the sunny skies will turn cloudy or even stormy. If you fear that inclement weather might wreck the joy of travel, then choose a travel insurance plan that covers both delayed/cancelled flights and lost deposits or cancellation fees to avoid any unexpected expenses you might come across during your vacation.

Medical Expenses

Even if you’re not expecting to spend any money on medical bills, there’s a chance you may be involved in an accident, or get ill during your vacation. This holds true especially for countries where robberies and murders are high, and illnesses are common. For example, malaria is widespread in Honduras, while violence against women seems to become increasingly common in India.

Do your research to learn more about the country you’ll be visiting, and any potential risks it may carry. If any such risks may incur medical expenses at some point or another, make sure your insurance plan covers them.

Vehicle Rental

Planning to spend more than a few days or weeks in your country of choice? If yes, then you may choose to hire a car. Sure, public transportation can get you around the city or country, but the cost may be significantly higher than if you hired a car instead. But along with the benefits of vehicle rental come the drawbacks, one of which involves hefty fees if the car suffers any damage while in your possession, or if it’s stolen. If you’re considering renting a car, check with your insurer to see if rental vehicle excess is covered — and if not, then include it in your current plan to avoid getting into debt from paying the excess.

Credit Card Fraud and Stolen/Lost Documents

What do you do if your personal documents, such as your passport or travel cheques, are stolen during your vacation? The cost of replacing those can be very high, so it’s a good idea to consider an insurance plan that covers this expense as well. The same goes for stolen/lost credit cards, or credit card fraud, which seems to become a common vacation mishap.

Under 30's Travel Insurance offers a comprehensive plan that includes everything from medical expenses to lost deposits, family emergencies, rental vehicle excess, and personal liability. Get your travel insurance in place, and journey the world without worries!


Under 30's covers a range of things that could go wrong when you travel. From medical emergencies to cover for your mobile phone and more. See our Table Of Benefits to explore all the cover provided.

Table Of Benefits

It's always important to review the full policy wording in our Product Disclosure Statement for more details including full terms and conditions, limits and exclusions that may apply.


Policy Wording


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faqs about overseas travel insurance

  • I want to make sure I have cover for my iPhone, Computer or any electrical gadget. How do I do this?
  • You can purchase extra cover for electronic items by paying an additional premium. Cover is only available if you purchase this additional option at the time when the policy is issued. You can have: $2,500 in total for personal computer and their accessories $1200 in total for camera and video camera, $1000 in total for mobile phones, GPS, electronic book readers, and portable audio and gaming equipment. Please note: Receipts and/or valuation must be provided in the event of a claim.

  • Can I extend my policy?
  • You can extend your policy by contacting us within a minimum of 48 hours before your policy lapses and pay the additional cost of extending your cover.


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