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volunteering overseas

Volunteering overseas can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Many organisations request that you protect yourself with travel insurance for the trip.


why volunteer overseas?

Apart from the sheer excitement of leaping into the unknown, volunteering overseas gives you endless opportunities to broaden your horizons, learn about another culture, meet and work with locals, and make a difference to a community who needs it.

Volunteering overseas can help you to:

  • Learn a foreign language.
  • Explore new destinations.
  • Make new friends around the world.
  • Give back to a disadvantaged community.
  • Get to know other cultures in a more in-depth way.
  • Challenge your yourself.
  • Learn about the world.
  • Foster a sense of independence and strength in your abilities.
  • Develop skills outside of those offered at home.
  • Increase your employment opportunities.
  • Enhance your enjoyment in the learning process.

what you should know before you go

Before you embark on this experience of a lifetime you should make sure you are well prepared for the experience. Here are some tips of what you should prepare for before you leave.

  • It seems simple but make sure you research the volunteer organisation that you plan to work with. Are they registered? Do they operate for profit or not? Do they operate within local and international environmental or child protection regulations? All this infomation is important to ensure your trip is safe and you will be really helping a community rather than being taking for granted.
  • Learn about the culture and local customs
  • Ensure you have any correct visas or working visas if needed.


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