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what is travel insurance?


“Get travel insurance” — that’s one of the most common tips you’re likely to hear from seasoned travellers, and probably the best to follow if you want to make sure nothing wrecks the joy of travel.

The concept of travel insurance puzzles many young travellers, especially those with no prior experience journeying the world. What is it? How is it going to make your vacation better? How do you choose one? We’ve answered your burning questions about travel insurance below.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is insurance that covers medical expenses, personal liability, lost or cancelled deposits, lost luggage, and other such incidents that may occur while travelling either within your own country or overseas. Several travel insurance companies, including Under30 Travel Insurance, offer different levels of coverage based on the traveller’s needs and budget. Usually, the travel insurance can be arranged at the time of booking of a trip, covering the duration of that trip only. However, multi-trip policies are available to frequent travellers, covering a limited or unlimited number of trips within a set time frame.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Perhaps the most burning question youngsters have about travel insurance is — why do I need it?

There are many obvious benefits of getting travel insurance. First, it protects you against unexpected expenses that may come along during your trip — for example, the loss of your belongings. Pickpocketing is incredibly common, and tourists are the most vulnerable to thieves and scam artists. If someone steals your laptop, money, or luggage, your travel insurance company will cover the cost of replacing them.

If you become involved in an accident, your medical expenses can be covered by your travel insurance company — so if you’re travelling to a country where the risk of getting seriously ill is high, then you’ll absolutely need insurance.

Another benefit of travel insurance is the peace of mind it gives. Knowing that your travel insurance company will cover unexpected expenses in case they ever come along will certainly keep you at peace during your trip. The perspective of having your belongings, money, or credit cards stolen can be very scary for young people, so having an insurance plan in place will help you bust your fears!

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance Plan for You

The hardest part of all is choosing the right level of insurance coverage. Often, young travellers get too little or too much coverage, either of which would result in extra costs that could have been avoided in the first place. If you’re trying to decide which plan is best for you, here are a few aspects to factor in:

  • Where are you travelling to? Naturally, some countries have higher crime rates (e.g. developing countries like India) or higher medical expenses (e.g. United States). Some places are known for the extremely high chances of getting seriously ill while travelling. Consider where you’ll be travelling to determine what your insurance plan should cover. Research the place to get familiar with common risks that tourists are likely to come across, and choose your level of cover accordingly.
  • How often will you be travelling? Are you taking a trip to see your parents during Christmas, or are you planning to travel frequently over the course of a year? Travel insurance companies offer both single and multi-trip policies, so make your choice based on how often you’ll be travelling.
  • Will you carry any valuable property with you? Laptops, cameras, and expensive jewellery make you an easy target for pickpockets and scam artists, especially if you’re not familiar with a place. If you’re planning to carry any valuable property with you during your trip, consider an insurance plan that covers personal liability in the event you’ll lose your belongings, or have them stolen.

Ready to journey the world and have heaps of fun? Before you embark on your wild journey, make sure to get Under30’s comprehensive travel insurance plan to protect your vacation from any incidents that may ruin it!

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