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Leaving your daily life to journey to a new city or country can be a terrific experience. Whether you’re travelling alone or in a small group, a trip abroad brings along many opportunities: you can meet new people, visit interesting places, and even learn a new language. But every trip comes with risks and potential dangers, and personal safety should be at the top of your list to make sure nothing ruins the joy of travel.

But no matter where you’re travelling to, you absolutely need to take care of yourself .

safety tips for young travellers

Keep Money in More Than One Location

Every city may have pickpockets, waiting for you to give away the location of your wallet, and ready to take advantage of any opportunity. When you travel, always keep money in more than one location just in case. Keep a fair amount in your purse/backpack, some on your credit card, and leave some at the hotel in a safe. This way, even if someone pickpockets you, you will always have money left — but hopefully, nothing of this sort will happen during your trip!

Don’t Bring Attention to Yourself as Being a Tourist

You’re probably thinking that nobody else knows you’re tourist — but you’re wrong. There are many elements that give you away: your clothing, your unusually big backpack (if you have one), the map or guide you’re carrying, and your looks in general. To avoid becoming thieves’ and scam artists’ target, don’t bring attention to yourself as a tourist. Don’t dress to impress — wear casual clothes, and avoid flashy jewellery (yes, your Rolex watch too).

Also, don’t carry a map or guide with you — a lot of mobile apps offer online maps with directions in case you need them, so consider buying a sim card to make sure you always have Internet access on your phone. Avoid asking the locals for directions, as this could potentially set you up for trouble.

Avoid Drinking Too Much

Partying is an all-time favourite for many young travellers, but can also put you at risk during your holiday. It’s a good idea to limit alcohol consumption even if you’re with friends since it’s so easy to get split and lose sight of each other.

If someone offers you a drink, refuse politely and walk away — spiked drinks are common, and can be a serious threat to your personal safety.

Never Leave without Travel Insurance

One of the best things you can do to protect yourself against the dangers of a trip abroad is having travel insurance in place. Under30 Travel Insurance offers a comprehensive insurance plan that covers everything from emergency medical assistance to credit card fraud, theft, lost deposits, and unexpected travel expenses. So next time you explore the unknown, push the boundaries, and have fun overseas, make sure you pack Travel Insurance!


Under 30's covers a range of things that could go wrong when you travel. From medical emergencies to your mobile phone and more. See our Table Of Benefits to explore all the cover provided.


Table Of Benefits

It's always important to review the full policy wording in our Product Disclosure Statement for more details including full terms and conditions, limits and exclusions that may apply.


Policy Wording


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faqs about youth travel insurance

  • I want to make sure I have cover for my iPhone, Computer or any electrical gadget. How do I do this?
  • You can purchase extra cover for electronic items by paying an additional premium. Cover is only available if you purchase this additional option at the time when the policy is issued. You can have: $2,500 in total for personal computer and their accessories $1200 in total for camera and video camera

    • $1000 in total for mobile phones, GPS, electronic book readers, and portable audio and gaming equipment.

    Please note: Receipts and/or valuation must be provided in the event of a claim.

    • $1000 in total for mobile phones, GPS, electronic book readers, and portable audio and gaming equipment.

    Please note: Receipts and/or valuation must be provided in the event of a claim.

  • If I'm travelling on a cruise liner on a domestic cruise do I choose a domestic policy?
  • No, you need to select a Pacific policy as you will enter into international waters.

  • Can I extend my policy?
  • You can extend your policy by contacting us within a minimum of 48 hours before your policy lapses and pay the additional cost of extending your cover.


A complete list of FAQS.

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